We’re proud to be exhibiting at the NSBRC where sustainability is at the heart of their activities

With sustainability being a subject very close to our hearts, we’re delighted to congratulate our exhibition partners, The National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) based in Swindon on the news of being shortlisted for two categories in the 2023 National Sustainability Awards.


The NSBRC has placed sustainability at the heart of all their activities offering workshops, surgeries and courses designed to help people improve the energy efficiency of their homes. As a homeowner looking to build or renovate your home with sustainability in mind, visiting the NSBRC is a must!



Helping homeowners build better and more sustainable homes

As an exhibitor at the NSBRC, we are proud to have been involved in some of the NSBRC’s environmental efforts to support UK homeowners such as a presenting at the dedicated Sustainability Theatre during January 2023’s National Self Build and Renovation Show held at the Swindon venue. With the average UK property losing around 35% of heat through walls (Source: Northern Energy) our presentation covered the topic of ‘how to Increase thermal performance on your renovated home’. Click the link to learn more about this subject by reading our blog.

In a time when our conscience is becoming more environmentally focussed and we are aware of the impact that our choices can have on the planet, we’re proud to partner with the NSBRC who share our passion in making a difference through sustainability initiatives.

If sustainability is an important factor for your home renovation or self-build project, please read our blog ‘a complete cladding solution with an environmental conscience’ where you can learn more about some of the environmental initiatives that we have in place as part of our efforts to address climate change through our exterior premium façade solution, including:



We wish the NSBRC team the best of luck at the National Sustainability Awards ceremony being held on 5th October 2023.


The National Self Build & Renovation Show

Don’t miss the final NSBRC event of the year ‘The National Self Build & Renovation Show’ being held on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October 2023.

Visit our Pura® NFC stand (96) at the NSBRC to experience our complete cladding solution and learn more about our own environmental initiatives and how you can make a difference to the environment through the materials that you use on your home renovation or self-build project.


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