Providing a nationwide delivery service across UK and Ireland, Performance Panels are an established distributor and stockholder of Pura® NFC by Trespa and are proud to be recognised as the UK Premium Partner.

As a business we’re passionate about taking positive steps on our carbon neutral journey towards achieving Net Zero 2030 and we wanted to share with you what actions we are taking to make the delivery of your Pura® order carbon neutral.


Managing our Carbon Footprint

As part of our sustainable supply, we calculate the carbon emissions of every delivery and take the responsibility of handling the management of the carbon footprint.

Through our carbon management programme, we offset the carbon emissions by investing in carbon credit projects to ensure a cleaner delivery of goods, achieving carbon neutral deliveries of your Pura® order to your door.

When placing an order with Performance Panels, not only do you receive support and guidance on the material selection that will transform the exterior of your home, but you also have the comfort in knowing that the delivery of your purchase is sustainable.

In a time when we are becoming more aware and conscious of our actions on the environment, small changes can make a big impact.


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You can rely on the durability of Pura® NFC by Trespa to keep installations looking beautiful. You won’t need to repair or refinish it after you’ve installed it.

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