Pura® NFC Products

What is Pura® NFC siding?

Pura® NFC by Trespa is a premium façade solution that's designed to be durable, low maintenance and easily installed. 

Is Pura® NFC made of wood?

Pura® NFC siding is made from up to 70% natural fibres mixed with resin. All Pura® NFC products are certified according to the PEFC™ standard.

What colours are available in Pura® NFC?
We have 10 colours available in Pura® NFC Wood Decors and Pura® NFC Lumen Decors. Click here to see the full range. 
What is a Gasket and do I need to use this when installing Pura® NFC?
The Pura® NFC Gasket is a flexible seal that sticks to the batten to keep the batten appearance brand new and eliminates movement and noise.

Trespa recommends the use of a flat EPDM gasket to the full width of vertical (wooden) battens of the subframe.
Where can I find the product specifications and properties of Pura® NFC?
You can find the Pura® NFC product specifications here.
What is the Fire Classification of Pura® NFC cladding?
The Fire Classification of Pura® NFC cladding is Bs2, d0 under EN 438-7, and Class A under ASTM E84.  You can find details about material properties of Pura® NFC on the materials datasheet here.
What accessories do you have available to match the Pura® NFC siding?
The complete solution includes installation clips, colour-matched profiles and fasteners. The tailored collection comes with everything needed to create an evenly hued façade. For more information click to view the accessories here
How much does a Pura® NFC façade installation cost on average?
To work out a cost for your project use our calculator tool to show your number of planks required here then visit our shop here and enter your chosen decor and plank quantities, together with the required accessories.

If you would like some support, please complete an information request form here or contact our team on +44 (0) 300 303 5874 or [email protected].
What guarantee do you offer for Pura® NFC?

Trespa offer a strong 10-year guarantee on product performance, including colour stability.

What is Trespa’s Sustainability Policy?
Sustainability at Trespa is a fact-based approach with complete integration into planning processes. It is not about achieving zero impact in the production process but about durability and a lifecycle approach that allows materials to re-enter the production cycle and become new and even better products. For Trespa, sustainability is about creating lasting products that people do not want to replace. 
Why don’t you sell an installation bar?
The installation bar is set at a distance of 35mm from the starting height you would like the Pura cladding to be installed and used as attachment points for the first row of universal clips.

The installation bar can therefore, be any straight-edge bar you choose to use. The installation bar is removed once the bottom row of Flush sidings has been placed.
What are the dimensions of a single Pura® NFC siding?

Each one is 3050 mm x 186 mm x 8 mm. 

What is the common size of batten used?

The battens are 35mm x 45mm and 35mm x 90mm where you have a join.

How much does Pura® NFC weigh?

1 pack, which contains 4 individual sidings, weighs approximately 26 kg.

Pura® NFC Installation

Do I need to hire an approved installer to install the Pura® NFC system?

It is advised that you engage with an approved installer or a qualified construction professional. However, if you are confident in getting hands on with the installation of Pura ® NFC and have experience in this field, please refer to our installation guides.

How do I install Pura® NFC?
You can view Pura® NFC installation videos here, alternatively, read our handy installation guides here.

Do you have CAD drawings for Pura® NFC installations?
Yes, for more information on available CAD drawings, please click here.
Is it possible to install Pura® NFC sidings vertically?
Pura® NFC cladding can be installed both vertically and horizontally, please check Pura® NFC installation videos here.
How many clips do I need per square meter to install a Pura® NFC cladding?

For a 600mm centre installation, 12 - 15 fixing items (clip + screw) per square meter would be estimated. However, for rigidity, central distances should be determined in accordance with local regulations & location requirements i.e. coastal / hilltop, as well as the applicable engineering requirements for each particular building. For more information please refer to our installation guides.

How do you seal off battens so you can’t see the clips?
Ventilation profiles are used to seal off the bottom section of the cladding. They also prevent rodents and leaves from entering the ventilation gap between the cladding and the wall.
What are the minimum air gaps required for the Pura® NFC fixing system?

The minimum air gap needs to be 20mm behind the cladding and 5mm at the top and bottom of the cladding.

What is the positioning tool used for?
The positioning (spacer) tool included with the universal clips is provided to allow 1mm vertical expansion between the clip and Pura® NFC edge.

How do I finish the edges of Pura® NFC cladding?
Edges can be left unfinished, however, to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing finish, there are an array of profiles, including internal/external corners, ventilation profile (for the bottom edge to stop the ingress of pests/ leaves) and finish profiles. For more information, please refer to our installation guides.
Can I fix the cladding directly onto plywood?
No, Pura must be installed onto battens, with a cavity of at least 20mm deep behind the cladding to ensure natural ventilation.

How to order Pura® NFC samples?

How can I order a Pura® NFC sample?
Please visit our Samples page to order your free Pura® NFC sample(s).
What colours do you have available?
Pura® NFC currently comes in 10 decors. You can find all the available colours here.
How many samples can I order at a time?
You can order up to 5 free samples by visiting our Sample page
How long will it take to receive my samples?

Samples are sent via our fulfilment partner, who will send a confirmation email when your order is on its way. On average, it takes 2-3 days to receive your sample(s). 

Can I order larger size samples?
Yes, contact our team to arrange a larger sample to be delivered to you. Please note there is an extra charge for this service, which will be refunded from your order. 

How to clean and maintain Pura® NFC?

What is the longevity of Pura® NFC?
A key factor to consider when selecting the material for your external façade is the longevity, and how you can maintain its stunning appearance for the future. Click on the link below to learn more about the longevity of our complete cladding solution, Pura® NFC.

Blog: The Longevity of Pura® NFC

Do I need to paint Pura® NFC?
No. There will never be any paint needed.
How do I clean Pura® NFC sidings?
You can clean Pura® NFC simply and easily, just by using water and soap.
How can you remove graffiti or similar markings from the surface of Pura® NFC?
Markings can be easily wiped away if they are water-soluble. Otherwise, use organic solvents or special graffiti cleaners. Avoid streaking by washing and drying the siding afterwards.
Does Pura® NFC have UV stability?
Yes, Pura® NFC has been tested based on a Florida climate and shows high colour stability in UV light.