In October 2021, just ahead of the COP26 UN Climate conference in Glasgow, the Office of National Statistics reported that 75% of adults in Great Britain said that they were worried about the impact of climate change in their latest Lifestyle Survey.

With a significant increase in media coverage raising awareness of climate change and the importance to take action, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming more conscious of their actions and how they are impacting the planet.

Particularly in the built environment industry which includes home renovation and self-build projects, greater emphasis has been put on architects and homeowners to make more sustainable choices through material selection, as the UK Green Building Council reports that the industry is responsible for 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions.

If sustainability is an important factor for your home renovation or self-build project, please continue to read this blog as we share with you our three environmental initiatives that we have in place to ensure that your complete cladding solution, Pura® NFC is delivered fully verified as carbon neutral.

1.Our Journey to Net Zero 2030

Sustainability is an important part of our ethos. As part of See Group, Performance Panels, the UK Premium Distribution Partner for Pura® NFC, are taking steps to achieve Net Zero by 2030. To demonstrate our commitment, the Group works closely with our environmental consultants EcoAct to annually measure our carbon footprint and help us to evaluate and implement initiatives to reduce our emissions and validate the actions that we are taking. Through our environmental initiatives we are able to offer an exterior cladding solution that can make a difference to the environment.

2. Our Tree Planting Commitment

We have partnered with more:trees, working closely with tree planting companies across the world supporting projects including Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti.

By planting trees, we can help sequester carbon dioxide in the future whilst providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation and biodiversity in developing countries where tree felling is an issue.

For every Pura® NFC order* placed with Performance Panels we will plant 20 trees on your behalf through more:trees. Click here to view our virtual forest and see how many trees we have planted so far.

To put this into context, planting 20 trees is 6.00 tonnes of CO2 sequestration which is the equivalent to 14,658.00 miles driven in a standard car!

You can learn more about this initiative by clicking here to read our blog: ‘Our Tree Planting Commitment’.

3. Carbon Neutral Deliveries

As part of our sustainable distribution initiative, we calculate the carbon emissions of every delivery and take the responsibility of handling the management of the carbon footprint.

Through our Carbon Management Programme, we offset the carbon emissions that we have generated whilst handling the material by investing in Gold Standard carbon credit projects. Carbon credits are an internationally recognised way for organisations to account for their carbon emissions and support activities benefiting communities and the planet. An example of a project that we are supporting is the Kumasi Stoves Project in Ghana. This project aims to produce and distribute improved cookstoves to reduce the rate of deforestation and better the health and well being of the local community.

Through our Carbon Management Programme, we are able to ensure a cleaner delivery of goods, achieving carbon neutral deliveries of your Pura® NFC order to your door.

Find out more about this initiative by clicking here to read our blog: ‘Delivering Pura® NFC Sustainably to Your Door’.

You Can Make a Difference

In a time when our conscience is becoming more environmentally focussed our purchasing decisions and the impact that our choices can have on the planet is becoming more prominent.

By ordering your complete cladding solution of Pura® NFC, through Performance Panels you can make a difference to climate change.

Discuss your project requirements with the Performance Panels team by calling +44 (0) 300 303 5874 or emailing [email protected]


*Each project is recognised as one order. Any separate purchases made for the same project after the main order is placed will not be identified as a new order and as a result will not qualify more trees to be planted.