Thinking of transforming the exterior of your home? Here is a glimpse of how you can  revolutionise your traditional brick-built home by applying Pura® NFC by Trespa, the complete cladding solution. You do not have to have a modern new-build to benefit from the outstanding attributes of Pura® NFC, this product gives you ultimate freedom to design your home your own way, whether it’s a new build or home renovation project. The possibilities are endless with Pura® NFC. This is homeowner Michael Wood’s way of using Pura® NFC and his experience with the product.  

Michael Wood utilised Pura® NFC to completely transform the front-facing exterior of his detached home based in Hampshire. Initially he had the original arrowhead hanging tiles covering the front of the house, a staple design feature of properties built in the 1960s, but decided to install Pura® NFC to the exterior walls of his home. This has helped to elevate the aesthetic of the house from a building that blended into the background to a home that catches the eye and stands out from the crowd.  

As well as the visual transformation of his home, Michael Wood benefitted from the expertise of Michael McCloy from Elite Composite Designs Ltd, who recently completed our Trained Installer Programme. Michael Wood said: “We are so pleased with the Pura® NFC product and in particular Michael McCloy’s handiwork to install the material was second to none.  

“Michael was really good, it was only his second Pura® NFC installation, he was a stickler for detail. It took a bit longer than what we expected but Michael was working Monday-Sunday, ten-hour days. He had a desire to make it perfect and he got it spot on. He made sure the wall was perfectly flat. Michael did a great job on that! 

“After careful consideration, we decided not to go for a typical wooden looking décor and  instead go for [PU24] Mystic Cedar to go for a modern look and incorporate the grey colour.  It looks very clean and modern looking compared to your standard timber.”

                               BEFORE                                                                     AFTER


Hands-on experience with Pura® NFC is key 

Michael McCloy, of Elite Composite Designs Ltd, is one of the tradespeople who is part of our Pura®  NFC Trained Installer Network, and took on Michael Wood’s project, he said: “Pura® NFC gives you a clean, sharp and contemporary finish. The products' finish profile, against the brickwork of this project, along with the dark grey windows, really sets off this home and gathered much attention from the locals too.

“Pura® NFC is sheer quality. It’s a pleasure to fit it and to have the opportunity to work with an exterior cladding product that not only looks great but performs extraordinarily well. I’m so overly impressed with Pura NFC and looking forward to future projects.”

Our Trained Installer Network helps homeowners connect with professionals who successfully completed our hands-on training and can install Pura® NFC so it performs to the best standard with a quality finish. We insist that to maintain and showcase the quality of the product it needs to be installed correctly. To help with this we launched the Trained Installer Network, delivered by Performance Panels, in September 2023 with the intention of creating a network of approved tradespeople that can install our product and are recommended to UK homeowners. Hands-on experience with Pura® NFC is essential in understanding how the installation process works.

Michael McCloy continued: “It is absolutely crucial to have hands-on experience with Pura®  NFC. I’ve done some extremely complicated and articulate cladding projects in my time, so I am well aware of the many problems that can arise. Experience in this matter, along with knowledge of the process is key.

"When I first used Pura® NFC, I took my time to get a real feel for the product and found it a joy to install. I have faith that my past and future clients will reap the benefits of Pura NFC for many years to come.”

As you can see from the before image, Michael Wood’s house used arrowhead tiles to add a  feature to the exterior of his home. In the after picture, you can see that the use of Pura® NFC does not cover the whole of the house but instead, like the previous tiles, it is used as a standout feature. Michael McCloy removed all the tiles that were on the house, fixed up the brickwork and meticulously fitted the Pura® NFC with insulation. By upgrading to Pura® NFC, the exterior of Michael’s home now looks fresh-faced and rejuvenated with a stylish, contemporary look.  

Benefits of our installer programme 

Cliff Sullivan, Sales Director at Performance Panels who delivers the training for our Pura® NFC Trained Installer Network, said: “As we can see from the finished project our installer Michael McCloy has taken the time and care to deliver a fantastic installation, it looks amazing. 

“Michael could see that Pura NFC® sat at the top end of the cladding market and customers  who bought the product wanted a very professional installation with a high emphasis on detail, I think that Michael realised this when he joined our installer programme, the product sat very well with Michael as it complimented the other products in his portfolio.  

“The Trained Installer Network has been set up so we at Performance Panels Ltd know that when a customer is looking for an installer of Pura NFC® we have the best trained installers to recommend for their project.

“We are setting this programme up covering the whole of the UK and we will be very selective to who we invite on the installation training programme, the installer will have to pass a written assessment, practical workshop and technical validation, once we are happy, they have completed this to a very high standard they will get a certificate to prove they are a Trained Pura NFC® Installer.” 

Pura® NFC offers homeowners the versatility to apply the product to their homes in different  applications. You can install the planks in a vertical or horizontal orientation and the joins can be in whatever formation you prefer. Whether you prefer uniformity and want the planks to line up with each other, or maybe you enjoy the idea of modernising a traditional look to a home and you want to put the planks on in a brickwork format. You decide. This design freedom helps to give your home a splash of character and integrate your own style, by utilising a diverse, timeless colour palette. Your home should be a reflection of you, and Pura® NFC can help you achieve that by enabling you to manipulate the product so that your home is unique.  

Thanks to Pura® NFC’s outstanding performance attributes you can benefit from outstanding longevity and incredible durability. You can relax knowing that your home exterior keeps the same stunning aesthetic for years to come whilst withstanding the harshest of weather. So, enjoy this no maintenance cladding solution and secure your home’s style for the long-term. 

If you have been inspired by Michael Wood’s case study, then contact us and we can advise you on your self-build or renovation project. For more information on Pura® NFC visit the dedicated page here: