Situated in a desirable residential location in Plymouth, this beautiful new build is part of a development for 6 unique new homes in the area.

Incorporating Pura® NFC by Trespa onto the exterior of the home defines an elegant first impression with the kerb appeal desired when living in a reputable area. Not only is this decorative façade stunning, but it is also durable against the elements, critical for a home close to the coast.

The décor selection of Classic Oak (PU02) compliments the surrounding area as well as being cohesive with the rest of the house design. This rich and warm tone enables the appearance of the home to make a subtle statement, as well as being welcoming, an important characteristic for future homeowners.

Incorporating Pura® NFC to the first-floor elevation of the home creates a stunning feature as well as additional points of interest including the windows. The vertical application of the planks works well for this feature and enables the reveal of the window to appear seamless. The uniformed vertical application of the material, using almost full planks creates a sleek and contemporary finish to this superior new home.

With the benefit of Pura® NFC being not just beautiful, but durable requiring low maintenance, the new homeowners can sit back and enjoy the pristine quality of their new home for years to come.

Whether it be for a new build or a renovation, external decorative facades enable you to create a visually stunning home that has character, personality, and individual style.

Start visualising your design dream today with Pura® NFC.