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The durability of Pura® NFC will keep the exterior of your home looking stunning for decades. Before you sit back and enjoy the view of your beautifully clad home, it is important that the quality of the premium material is reflected in the quality of the install. We would recommend working with an installer who has experience in working with Pura® NFC.

To support you with the installation stage of our complete cladding solution we have developed a network of professional installers who have received training and technical support delivered by Performance Panels Ltd and Trespa and are certified as an approved installer of Pura® NFC in the UK*. 

If you are confident in getting hands on with the installation of Pura® NFC on your own home and have plenty of experience in this field, please read our product installation manual along with our how to videos to learn more about the installation process of this material. 

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*Please note that our recommended Pura® NFC installers in the UK are part of independently owned and operated businesses, and are not representatives, nor agents or affiliates of Performance Panels Limited or Trespa International. Performance Panels Limited and Trespa International make no representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the omissions, acts, or performance of such parties. It is the responsibility of the customer to select an installer based upon their individual assessment of such installer.

Benefits of Approved Installer

Bringing your design to life through the installation of Pura® NFC is the final yet most important stage of your home build or renovation project.

With the lasting aesthetics of Pura® leaving your home looking beautiful for the decades the quality of the install needs to reflect the quality of the material which is why we have developed a network of professional installers who have received hands on training from Performance Panels and Trespa to be certified as an approved Pura® NFC installer in the UK.
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