Bringing the design of your home exterior to life through the installation of Pura® NFC by Trespa is the final yet most important stage of your home build or renovation project.

With the lasting aesthetics of our outdoor cladding leaving your home looking beautiful for decades, the quality of the install of Pura® NFC needs to reflect the quality of the material.

Continue to read this blog to learn more about the benefits of utilising our trained installer network for a quality install of your exterior wall cladding:

  • Access a network of trained installers

There’s no need to spend time searching for ‘external cladding installers near me’, we’ve done that for you! By developing our own network of professional installers across the UK, you simply need to complete our online form and we’ll put you in touch with a trained installer that’s close to your area and meets your project requirements.



  • Quality installation of external cladding

All installers within our network have received hands on training and technical support from Performance Panels to become a trained Pura® NFC installer in the UK. By choosing to work with an installer who is experienced in handling Pura® NFC you can have confidence that your home exterior wall cladding will look stunning for decades.



  • Lasting aesthetics

Pura® NFC is designed to be durable and low maintenance, and once installed by a trained installer you can have confidence that the quality of the material is reflected in the install.

With its closed surface minimising dirt build up, your exterior wall cladding is easy to clean and will keep your home exterior looking stunning for decades.



To begin the installation stage of transforming your home exterior with Pura® NFC please complete our ‘Find an Installer’ form.