Exterior cladding transforms the appearance of your home, creating a visually stunning property that has character, personality, and individual style.

Making the final décor and style selection for an external decorative façade can be a difficult decision, especially with lots of design possibilities available. Once you’ve decided on the appearance of your dream home exterior, it’s important to consider how you can maintain this aesthetic that you have fallen in love with.

A key factor to consider when selecting the material for your external façade is the longevity, and how you can maintain its stunning appearance for the future.

Continue to read this blog to learn more about the longevity of our complete cladding solution, Pura® NFC.


Low Maintenance - no need to paint or varish!

If the maintenance of existing cladding on your property is something that you dread every year, you may wish to consider replacing it with a durable low maintenance material. The closed smooth surface of Pura® NFC created by Trespa’s next generation Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology provides two great benefits:

  • Cleaning is easy and infrequent from the prevention of surface dirt
  • No need to paint or varnish your facade 

Your cladding solution from Pura® NFC will maintain its pristine appearance year after year! 


Impact Resistance

The NFC in Pura® NFC stands for natural fibre core. This high-pressure laminate is made of up to 70% natural fibres, and 30% resin. The advanced EBC technology sets the wood chip with the resin to form a strong and robust core. With its high impact and scratch resistance, Pura® NFC can handle daily wear and tear, from footballs to gardening tools, this external cladding solution will appear stunning for decades.



Lab Testing for Extreme Weather Conditions

There are some external elements that are out of our control. Whether it’s salty sea air, wind, rain, humidity or intense sunlight. However, Pura® NFC stands up to extreme weather conditions.

As a leading innovator of high-quality panels, Trespa conduct many scientific tests including their Artificial Weathering test. Through this test Trespa expose the material, Pura® NFC, to 3000 hours of extreme weather conditions including the simulation of high humidity climates such as Florida.

Imagine the beauty of a seaside home without the need for constant repair. Imagine a stylish wooden palazzo that remains richly hued in Florida’s humid year-round sunshine. The Pura® NFC system is engineered to stay pristine throughout all elements.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating this test in action:




Confidence in a Complete Cladding Solution

As an experienced manufacturer of quality surface materials, Trespa have been producing panels since the 1960s. Our complete cladding solution, Pura® NFC comes with a 10 Year Guarantee, and we can confidently say that the exterior of your home will look stunning for decades.


Supporting Your New Build or Home Renovation Project

We’re proud to be recognised by Trespa®, the premier manufacturer of high-quality cladding, as their UK Premium Partner for their premium façade solution, Pura® NFC.

Our long-lasting relationship with Trespa®, ensures that our product knowledge is first class, this along with the experience of supporting our customers on a range of projects and applications, means that you can trust in our support.

If you would like to discuss your project further, chat to a member of our team by calling +44 (0) 300 303 5874 or emailing [email protected]