The performance and durability of Pura® NFC was developed by the in-house technical specialists at Trespa within their Nehmo facility.

The cladding samples are tested against industry standards to ensure customers are proud of their facades for many years to come.


Cladding samples are lab tested against extreme weather conditions

You need cladding that still looks great after decades on your home. Whether it’s salty sea air, wind, rain, humidity or intense sunlight, Pura® NFC by Trespa stands up to the weather. Imagine the beauty of a seaside home without the need for constant repair. Imagine a stylish wooden palazzo that remains richly hued in Florida’s humid year-round sunshine. The Pura® NFC cladding system is engineered to stay pristine.

Each sample is exposed to the equivalent of a decade’s worth of extreme solar radiation using Xenon lamps.

In other tests, samples are exposed to the damaging elements of wind, rain and salty air. The surface of each sample is then assessed against the results prior to the tests to confirm vibrancy and polish are maintained.


Ventilation and protection for exterior walls

Pura® NFC is engineered to be used in a ventilated façade solution that’s easily installed. The system includes an air cavity in front of the load-bearing wall, allowing an airflow that prevents heat or moisture accumulation. The ventilation combines with resolute durability to help Pura® NFC withstand even challenging climates.

In addition to keeping exterior walls looking great for years, the system can lower the owner’s expenses by protecting the wall from rot and the interior climate from the outside weather.


Reliable, strong guarantee

We believe in Pura® NFC because we know how carefully it was engineered and how thoroughly it’s been tested. We’re not afraid to say that Pura® NFC projects will look great for years. We’ve already seen that they do. We’ve returned decades after construction to colour-test products made by the same process as Pura® NFC. The building façades showed no appreciable fading and were just as eye-catching as when it first installed.


You can rely on the durability of Pura® NFC by Trespa to keep installations looking beautiful. You won’t need to repair or refinish it after you’ve installed it.

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