Read our latest blog for factors to consider when selecting decors and style for your external decorative façade.

House exterior design is more important than ever, defining the first impression of your home, ultimately increasing your kerb appeal, not to mention, your day-to-day comfort and pride when you return after a busy day.

Whether you want to transform your home aesthetically or protect it from the elements, Pura NFC® delivers these unique qualities and more, along with a range of design possibilities to suit your style preferences.

Making the final décor and style selection for an external decorative façade can be a difficult decision, especially with lots of design possibilities available. In this blog, we suggest ideas and external factors to consider when selecting your decorative cladding in order to achieve your dream exterior.


1. Part of the landscape

The look of other homes nearby, as well as the types of material used such as stone and bricks specific to your region can all influence the cladding décor that you choose for your exterior. Your external decorative façade is not just transforming your home but contributing and complimenting the local environment.

With the lasting aesthetics of Pura NFC® the timeless style and design cohesion is key. Pura NFC® is available in a rich palette of decors, enabling you to be in tune with your local region. From the sleek and modern Lumen Range in Metropolis Black (PUL9000) and New York Grey (PUL2581) to understated wood grains ranging from lighter (Siberian Larch, PU28) to mid (Mystic Cedar, PU24) to darker (Slate Ebony, PU22) tones, the design possibilities are endless.

2. Harmonise with nature

Introducing natural elements into design is a lifestyle choice that is here to stay through Biophilia. Being closer to nature and bringing the outside in whilst at home is recognised as providing a positive impact on our well-being. As well as providing health benefits, introducing wood grain into your design can achieve more points of interest than you first envisaged such as the tone, grain and pattern of different woods.

Pura® NFC cladding is available in wood decors including Classic Oak (PU02) and Romantic Walnut (PU08). Through décor selection why not embrace Biophilic interior design and consider the mix of tree species, plants and flowers that surround your home and harmonise with nature in your local area.

3. Create a feature

Pura® NFC provides a scalable decorative external façade solution to suit your budget and desired aesthetic. Applying a decorative façade doesn’t need to be on large scale such as a first-floor elevation or extension, updates on points of interest such as windows, doors, soffits and fascias can instantly transform the appearance of your home.

There is no limit to where Pura® NFC can be used! Why not make the most of your outdoor living space and transform an area in your garden where you can relax and unwind as well as creating a sociable setting where you can host get togethers that your family and friends can enjoy. Pura® NFC makes any structure look both welcoming and elegant, making it the perfect accessory for outdoor living.

The final finish with use of matching trims and corner profiles creates a sleek and timeless look, with the reassurance of knowing that you are using a material that is durable against the elements and low maintenance, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your home in years to come.

4. Style it up

If you really want to make a statement with your external decorative façade, don’t limit yourself to one décor. Select more than one and mix and match décors to either complement each other by using similar tones or provide a contrast for a striking appearance.

Pura® NFC cladding can also be installed vertically as well as horizontally depending on the required effect. In addition, you will have the choice of how you would prefer the planks to be positioned, either in a brickwork effect, lined up geometrically or placed at random. The beauty of Pura® NFC is the endless design possibilities, with a range of styles to suit your taste and achieve your desired aesthetic. 

Start visualising your dream

Whether it be for a new build or a renovation, external decorative facades enable you to create a visually stunning home that has character, personality, and individual style.

Start visualising your design dream today with Pura® NFC for the cladding of your external walls. Click here to request your free samples from Performance Panels, a recognised UK Premium Partner of Trespa, and make your décor selections in the comfort of your home.


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