Pura® NFC comes as a complete solution with matching fixings and accessories to create your desired aesthetic and finish to transform your home exterior. With the range of options available you will have the design freedom to select the solution that fits the final look that you have visualised.


A Complete Solution

Pura® NFC comes with a tailored collection of installation clips, colour-matched profiles, and fasteners - everything needed to create an evenly hued façade. Every detail can look exactly as it was designed to. The sidings come prefinished, but if they need to be fitted for a dormer or eaves, the strength of Pura® NFC means installers can saw without splinters or shattering. Also, the edges don’t need sealing – the durability and hue go all the way through. Corners stay sharp and planks stay smooth.


Pura® NFC Corner Profiles

The Pura® NFC profiles provide matching colours to the range of cladding decors to create an easy to install solution with a premium finish. To ensure safety standards are met and the colour matches your chosen cladding decor we recommend using the Pura® NFC matching profiles and accessories that are shown below:

As described by the name, the Outer Corner Profiles are used on your cladding outer corners, on a joint end. This will provide a perfect professional finish.

Finish Profiles are used around your feature area such as Dorma windows, in order to cover the gap between the wall and your cladding.

A Support Profile is used when installing your cladding vertically, to provide support and rigidity to your façade.


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